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Welcome to faithmatters...

faithmatters is an evangelistic magazine which is UK written, published and distributed to the general public free of charge. The magazine is paid for by local churches, organisations or individuals when they order them. Its mission is to describe man’s need and God’s way of salvation in clear terms that all may understand.

There is emphasis on salvation by grace, without works, available to all who believe. Believe what? That the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross and the shedding of His precious blood is for you as an individual, whoever you are, and whatever your present circumstances.

The magazine articles provide hope for seekers and discipleship for new believers. This magazine is for you!

The Magazine

The magazine is written, published and distributed in the UK and Ireland and is published twice per year, in 12 pages in full colour using high quality paper and printing.

There are three articles and one personal conversion story per issue. Each issue will address different topics and issues in light of what the Bible has to say about them. The writers are evangelists and missionaries who are involved in ministering the gospel to people in the UK and abroad and have personal experience of leading others to Christ. We only commission authors who we feel explain the message of the gospel simply and succinctly. 

The magazine is free at the point of delivery but distributors have to pay for their copies.

Individuals may sign up to receive 100 or more copies for their own personal use and for giving to contacts.

Assemblies or ministries may order 400 copies and upwards (in steps of 200 copies) for door to door distribution, use in open-air work and for giving to those who visit our regular or special gospel meetings.

Distributors and personal subscribers- please see order form for prices.